These are some of the questions you might want to ask your licensed and insured West Michigan Contractor before you start a remodeling or home improvement project. Getting the right answers up front can keep you from getting headaches later on and help you avoid the common pitfalls of remodeling your home or business.

  1. Is the greater Grand Rapids remodeling contractor or home improvement company qualified? Do they have the right credentials to perform the work I need in the, such as worker’s compensation and general liability insurance? Are they licensed by the State of Michigan to perform the work needed in my home, church, or business? (The state and the insurance companies send official credentials to the contractors for their clients to look at.)  Have they registered with you’re greater Grand Rapids city or West Michigan township’s building inspector to perform the work you are contracting? (A simple call to the city or township’s building inspector can verify this.)

  2. How do I know if a building permit is required for the work I want done?

  3. Who will be supervising and scheduling?

  4. Can I trust them with my ideas, home, and budget?

  5. How will they keep my home or business clean during the project?

  6. How will they protect the rest of my home or business during the remodel?

  7. What does their workday look like? When do they start and end each day?

  8. How do we keep in touch during the remodel?

  9. What about “surprises” that come up in the scope of work or schedule?

  10. When is a “Change Order” needed?

  11. How will change orders be handled and paid for?

  12. What restroom facilities will be needed for the workers?

  13. What about trash, parking, deliveries, workers dress, music, job site smoking and the like?

  14. How will I handle meals and the like while my kitchen is out of commission during the project?

  15. Will they get the job done in a professional way?

  16. Are they reliable? How will I know?

  17. Will I have a quality job done?

  18. Will they help me choose the products and contractors that will best meet my needs and budget?

  19. Will this look right in my home? Does it fit?

  20. What if there is something wrong with the workmanship or a product fails, how will that be handled?

  21. When I pay my contractor, what does he do with the money?

  22. How can I be sure that he has paid for the things and work done on my job and not someone else’s?

  23. How will I pay for this?

  24. If I finance my project, what is the best way to do it?

  25. What payment structure does my contractor require?


Do your homework by contacting the contractor’s references. References will be glad to visit with you about their project and how it was handled. Ask how it went?  Were they satisfied? Would they use this company again? How was communication handled? Did the contractor respond professionally to their needs? How were problems handled? What might they do differently?