About Us

Our Story

We opened our doors in 2000 in order to provide high quality, professional, Design Build programs for our greater Grand Rapids client’s. With focus and attention to detail, we work in people’s homes, area businesses and churches. Jacobsen Remodeling is a breath of fresh air in an often stale, non- professional, and poor quality approach of the typical remodeling contractor. People and companies are at risk when they open their home or business to a remodeling project. Our clients feel that we listen to them. They believe we are a contractor who understands what is required for their home or business, as well as one who can execute the plans to a very satisfactory outcome. Jacobsen Remodeling has demonstrated they can be trusted to take care of our client’s concerns and property. We are very capable and experienced in remodeling programs. Dwight and his crews keep all their work clean and safe during the project. With great designs and professional workmanship, we will satisfy the expectations of our clients on a consistent and on going basis.

Raised on a small dairy farm in upstate New York, Dwight Jacobsen the owner and president, has embraced the value of hard work taking care of things for others. He loves to work with his hands and takes great pride in “growing” things. Be it a kitchen, bath, addition, new office space, renovation, doors, windows and a host of other things, Dwight has been solving homeowner and small business remodeling and appearance problems in West Michigan since 1974.

Jacobsen Remodeling Inc. is a federally identified and State of Michigan registered corporation. They have a State of Michigan Builders License, (#2102157929). They carry worker’s compensation and general liability insurance as required by the State of Michigan.

Dwight’s 39 years as a designer and craftsman, has been enjoyed by his clients, recognized by his peers, and featured in publications like The Grand Rapids Builder Architect, Grand Rapids Home Builder’s Parade of Remodeled Homes, and Grand Rapids Cosmopolitan Home.

His continued involvement in his community, has been appreciated by area churches and organizations like Guiding Light, Mell Trotter, Madison Square CRC, the Potter’s house school, Home Repair Services, and the United in Christ Ministries, Black Hills Neighborhood.